Purchase a first aid kit here, and pick up at Falmouth Veterinary Hospital.

The MISSION of the foundation is to:

 improve and extend pet care to people & animals in need, 

 strengthen the human-animal bond, 

 bring together people whose love of animals prompts them to find ways to help pets & people in difficult times.

What is this Foundation?

Mainely Pets Foundation is a charitable 501C non-profit entity founded in August of 2017 by Dr. Doug Andrews, Dr. Brian Graves, Dr. Oonagh Wack and the staff of Falmouth Veterinary Hospital to help pets, pet owners and pet care givers in times of distress or need right here in Maine.

Who benefits from this Foundation?

Pets, pet owners and pet caregivers here in Maine who are experiencing trauma or financial need. Some cases will involve sick or injured pets, others may involve pet care givers experiencing a personal catastrophe such as a home or barn fire. Other request may benefit the community as well as the recipient, such as a police dog in need of a bullet proof vest.

See Recipients - Click Here

How do you decide who gets help?

An all-volunteer Finance/Disbursements Committee will review requests for aid each quarter – or as urgent needs come to the Committee’s attention, starting the end of 2017. Please note that to preserve the integrity of our donations, committee members and their immediate family will be exempt from receiving donations, and ALL administrative expenses for this start-up foundation are being paid for by Falmouth Veterinary Hospital.

Committee members: Oonagh Wack DVM., Laura Rust, and Stevie Aho -- contact number for each: 207-781-4028.

Guidelines for funding:

  • Pets receiving donations may have the potential for both quantity and quality of life

  • The maximum percentage of the bill covered is not to exceed 50% with a cap of $500.00 for any medical service or procedure

  • Awarded aid must be used within 90 days

  • Staff and clients may recommend cases

  • Financial need screening will be done by applying to Care Credit. 

  • Compassionate need and charitable organizations may apply to the board with a proposal and be considered on a case by case basis.

  • Staff of Falmouth Veterinary Hospital, and members of the Foundation board are not eligible for funds.

  • Not for cremation services or products

  • Pets and Charities must be in Maine

  • Funds are directed to the care / cause not to an individual.

How do I get involved?

There are LOTS of way you can be part of this exciting Foundation. Here are a few:

  • NEW REQUEST: We have an immediate need for active, available volunteers to help sort through donation requests and helping people supply all the information we need to help qualified pets in need.

  • Become a donor (We have a PayPal option for you here on this website, or if you prefer to donate in person, stop by the practice at 174 U.S. Route One in Falmouth and make a check out to “Mainely Pets Foundation.”

  • Volunteer at an event [we’ll have various fund-raisers throughout the year]

  • Volunteer to serve on a committee. The Awareness and Fundraising Committee, for example - contact Jo Birmingham at 207-232-3345 for details.

  • Share info & news of the Foundation with friends, neighbors, clients, etc.

  • Send us your great ideas on ways to help [Email:[email protected]]

  • Post a message about us on your Facebook page to spread the word.

  • Donate items or services to our annual auction. Contact person: Jo Birmingham, 207-232-3345.

  • Buy a Memorial Brick for our new Pet Park. See details below.

  • Keep your eyes and ears open to area pets in crisis and alert us via our email above.

Pet Memorial Park -- phase 1 done!

If you would like to make your pet a forever part of the Pet Memorial Park at Falmouth Veterinary Hospital, consider a memorial brick. A 4"x8" brick with inscription is $50; an 8"x8" brick with inscription is $100.

All proceeds from brick sales go to Mainely Pets Foundation to be redistributed to those in need.

Bricks can be ordered directly at:

* Disclaimer - Due to multiple variables, we are limited with the amount of brick installs per year. If you do not see your brick placed after an install, be assured you will see it placed in the next round. If you are concerned about whether your order was received, please contact our office.


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Read What Our Clients Say

  • "My two cats consistently get the BEST care from the vets at Falmouth Veterinary Hospital, starting with the lovely people at check-in to the kind and caring folks upon leaving. The vets and assistants genuinely care about the health and well-being of our two kitties, and as a pet mom, I always feel reassured and happy with their care."
    Kristen B.
  • "I have been a client there for over 30 years. Care is always excellent. Would not want to ever have to go elsewhere. They are great and so loving when treating my dogs."
    Marcia M.
  • "Dr Graves goes above and beyond with our senior dog. He is caring and thoughtful and respectful. He understands that our dog is a part of our family and treats him as such. The other vets we have met have been just as great and all of the staff are friendly and helpful. We could go to closer practices, but we won’t because this crew is worth the drive."
    Emily G.