Client Testimonials

"The mutual love and respect we share with clients and pets. This video, taken by a client to share the story of a beloved pet named Obi, shows how genuine care and concern – from pet owners and caregivers alike – can lead to some magical outcomes."

"I made the switch to this veterinary hospital after I moved to Portland from Biddeford. I was recommended this place by a friend of mine who has been coming here for years. I'm so glad she gave me this recommendation because I have absolutely loved all of my experiences here. I lost my cat, Spooky, a couple years ago to chronic kidney disease, and a month or so after he passed I adopted an older bonded pair from the Animal Refuge League and named them Ziggy Stardust and Phoebe Buffay. I brought them to Falmouth Veterinary Hospital for their first post adoption check up, and Dr. Wack could not have been more thorough. She ended up catching that my male cat had an enlarged thyroid, and after a thorough workup, we started him on medication. She even emailed me his bloodworm results and some other tips for nervous kitties that I could review on my own and try at home (my cat is kind of a spaz, so the hyperactive thyroid makes sense). I just feel that my cats were so cared for here, and that the staff is very thorough, efficient, friendly, and warm. Every time I come here I feel so very welcomed. They also have a k-cup machine with complimentary coffee and tea to enjoy while you're waiting. Love this place, my kitties and I feel right at home here. Keep up the good work, Falmouth Veterinary Hospital!"

~ Heather L. via Yelp

"My two cats consistently get the BEST care from the vets at Falmouth Veterinary Hospital, starting with the lovely people at check-in to the kind and caring folks upon leaving. The vets and assistants genuinely care about the health and well-being of our two kitties, and as a pet mom, I always feel reassured and happy with their care."

~ Kristen Bingham via Google

"I have been a client there for over 30 years. Care is always excellent. Would not want to ever have to go elsewhere. They are great and so loving when treating my dogs ."

~ Marcia Marley via Google

"Dr Graves goes above and beyond with our senior dog. He is caring and thoughtful and respectful. He understands that our dog is a part of our family and treats him as such. The other vets we have met have been just as great and all of the staff are friendly and helpful. We could go to closer practices, but we won’t because this crew is worth the drive."

~ Emily Gray via Google

"I have great confidence in the pros at Falmouth Vet Hospital. They are kind, funny, and thorough. We are always helped quickly and with compassion. I recommend them highly!"

~ Roxanne Wheeler via Google

"I’ve been going to Falmouth vet clinic for over 40 years and the people are very professional and very friendly and very good at what they do. I would highly recommend their services."

~ Craig Warren via Google

"They take excellent care of our beloved cats and are always wonderful with my young daughter as well. I can't imagine taking our pets anywhere else."

~ Fia Marquis via Google

"Wow!!! To say this office is amazing might be an understatement. From the phone call to being welcomed at the office to leaving after they took stellar care of my sweet cat and also me, they excelled in all areas. My cat came down sick and they took her right in and I am thrilled to say today she is bright eyed and happy. I was also in awe of how reasonable the price was. Look no further this staff is second to none!!!"

~ J.S. via Yelp

"So far this practice has been incredible. We came in with a new pup and unfortunately found that he did have some health concerns. We are very grateful for the expertise of our veterinarian in being able to detect the area of concern and following up with research and next steps. All staff have been super friendly and helpful staff throughout."

~ Olivia Alford via Google

"The care and compassion that this Office has is beyond description. They have always treated me and my dogs like family and have helped us deal with good and difficult decisions that left us feeling that they really cared. I have had English bulldogs and they are a difficult breed to take care of and this office has been great to my two little buddies their entire life."

~ Brian Burgoyne via Google

"Super cute & updated waiting area! The Docs and techs are all amazing! Dr Parlin is our favorite!"

~ Heather Williams via Google

"Our 12-year-old Springer has various health issues -- and is petrified when coming to the hospital: shakes violently. Dr. Wack does a fabulous job of not only diagnosing and treating her, but helping her know that Falmouth Veterinary Hospital is a kind and caring place. Thank you!"

~ Jo Birmingham via Google

"Our (me and my cat Jack) experience at Falmouth Veterinary Hospital has always been exceptional. The staff have done their best to get Jack in quickly for an appointment. The care that Jack receives from doctors and staff has been great. I am grateful to have Falmouth Vet so close by."

~ David Rines via Google

"I love all the veterinarians and staff here!! I always feel that they take their time and go above and beyond to ensure the health and happiness of our pets!!"

~ Lauren Stevenson via Google

"I can't say enough good things about this clinic. Their veterinary staff has seen us through standard healthcare, acute illnesses and end of life decisions and have done all with skill, kindness, and empathy. Their vet techs and front desk staff are also wonderful - it is very easy to book appointments, order medications or to simply call with questions."

~ M. St. Clair via Google

"I have been taking my cats to Falmouth Veterinary Hospital since the 1980s. The staff is friendly, professional, and really cares about my cats. When the end comes, I have found sympathy and understanding. I have lived in various places in the Greater Portland area, but I always go to Falmouth Vet because of my faith in them."

~Jennifer Read via Google

"Been coming here for 18 years, and feel very lucky to have such a great team - professional, empathetic - best vets I’ve ever had, and the support staff is exceptional."

~ Rick and Kathy Grossman via Google

"Have been a client her with my 2 Golden Retrievers for over 10 years. The staff is always courteous and helpful. The Docs are A++++."

~ Barbara Dibiase via Google

"A staff of superb vets, technicians and administrative personnel. Whether it's an emergency or routine, always responsive, friendly, and understanding with the humans and treat my dogs with loving, tender care. They have served three of my dogs, seeing two of them through to the end . (The willingness to make house calls for euthanasia was particularly appreciated, avoiding the need to stress my dogs with travel."

~ Jennifer Gregg via Google

"This veterinary service is excellent. Caring professionals and always work hard to accommodate "patients" in terms of scheduling for exams as well as treatment. Our family has had both our dogs and cats treated here, they have all received excellent care."

~ Vilean Taggersell via Google

"This is a very well-run and welcoming practice. Great attention to detail such as calming blanket to put on your cat’s carrying cage. Dr. Lyons has a magical rapport with cats and is very thorough. Overall a terrific place."

~ Deborah Schneider via Google

"The caring staff always treats my dog with love. Veterinarians are great about giving options and not being pushy with treatments. Would recommend highly to any pet owner."

~ Amy Putnam

"Wonderfully kind, compassionate, caring doctors, techs and staff. They take such good care, not only of your pet, but of you... the human who loves them! When our regular doctor isn't available, we have seen several of the others who practice there- and have been very impressed with each and every one!"

~ Sydney Ives via Google

"When I say, "Doctor!!" to my standard Poodle, Jussi(u-c) he becomes delirious with joy. Dr Oonagh Wack came highly recommended to me as jussi has Addisons Disease, a condition not unknown to Poodles, and a specialty of Dr Wacks. She has changed both of our lives with innovation and sensibility., daring to alter/change some meds, and suggest other roads to chart for him. 5 months after our arrival at Falmouth Vet jussi suffered a debilitating and painful disc injury while at play, and Dr Wack after an xray encouraged a temperate, restrained course of action. After almost 7 weeks he's incredibly improved, hopping onto his chair, the sofa, and car.

The entire staff from technicians to office people are enthusiastic, generous with sympathy and advice, and always welcoming to all. I cannot recommend Falmouth Vet more energetically. They have given a challenged poodle a new canine perspective on health! Thank you!"

~ Johanna Christiansson via Google

"I have been taking all of my furry family members here for three years now. Each time the staff is welcoming, accommodating to my not so happy kitties, and clearly love and care for each animal that walks through the door. The facility is clean and even has a quiet room for cats that need a calm space before their visit. I never feel rushed and they always answer my questions in a clear and helpful manner. When it is time for your animal's checkup, they will send you a friendly reminder and their online system is quick and easy for scheduling their next appointment. I have no doubt that my animals' are being well taken care of."

~ Marguerite Soule via Google

"Absolutely best vet practice in the area. Staff is friendly and caring. They take professionalism to the next level. They are simply the best!"

~ Jane Pate via Google

"My wife and I recently moved back to Maine. As with any move, finding trusted service providers is always a challenge. We loved our vet in Kansas City, and wanted to make sure we found an equally good practice here in Portland. Our last vet was AAHA-accredited, so we searched the AAHA website, and after reviewing the websites for accredited vets in greater Portland, decided Falmouth Veterinary Hospital looked closest to the size, style, service and sophistication of our vet in KC. When I mentioned our choice to an old family friend, she said her family had trusted Falmouth Vet Hospital for many years.

Shortly after we moved, our Bichon Frise, Boomer, had blood in his urine. We took him in for a checkup, and Dr. Graves immediately zeroed in on a likely culprit - bladder stones - which he quickly confirmed with x-ray, ultrasound and urinalysis. He explained our options, and said that for the particular type of stone Boomer had, surgical intervention was advised. They gave us an estimate and we scheduled the procedure for a few days later.

Dr. Lyons performed the surgery and did a great job. Both doctors were kind, compassionate, competent, and thorough in their explanations and patient as my wife and I asked them a million questions to make sure we took good care of Boomer post-op.

Boomer is healing well, with no infection or other complications...though he's not much of a fan of the Comfy Cone he has to wear.

Our costs were very reasonable...the surgery came in one the low end of the estimate, and the front office staff was happy to help us submit our insurance paperwork to VPI.

We are so happy to have found Falmouth Veterinary Hospital and will be trusting them to care for our current and future four-legged friends."

~ Justin L via Yelp.com

"Having just moved to the area, I asked around for a veterinary recommendation. This office, while a little out of the way, was the highest on everyone's list, with dozens of good stories and reviews. I recently brought our older cat in when he was sick. The women at the desk were helpful and concerned, and were able to fit him in right away, even when I annoyingly had to reschedule at the last minute. We saw Dr. Lyons, who was immediately trusted by our typically wary cat. Dr. Lyon is gentle, informative, genuinely caring, and a Friend of Cats. We had arrived early, and the doctors and techs I saw while in the waiting room were the same way, relaxing both the patients and their people.

Having a very limited income, it was also good of them to work with me on what our cat needed right away, and the best way we could care for him at home. Kindly and respectively, too. I understand that medical care is expensive, and I intend to pay for it, but our last vet charged us for procedures that did not need to be done, while their misdiagnosis cost us an additional year of pain for our cat and over a thousand dollars. And they were just plain nasty.

Enough about them. Falmouth Veterinary also has an informative website with information about their staff. I don't usually write a review after just one visit, but my cat is on the mend, I have heard only glowing reviews about the rest of the staff, and everyone involved with our visit went above and beyond to help a cat in need."

~ Alex D via Yelp.com

"Regarding Tobias' recent visit to see Doctor Wack, we as always, are very pleased with Doctor Wack's knowledge, empathy, and superb care for our Miniature Schnauzer. The Doctor provided excellent analysis regarding his loose stools, and solutions to help solve Tobias' problem.

Barbara and I continue to be extremely impressed with every woman and man that works for Falmouth Veterinary Hospital. Everyone on staff exhibits a very high degree of caring, professionalism, and knowledge. We feel very fortunate to be a client."

~ Barbara, Tom, & Tobias F.

"This is a 10 star facility!!! It is professional caring and kind to animals and owners!!!"

~ YahooLocal.com

"Great Docs + Well Trained Team = Happy Pets + Happy Pet People"

~ Barbara D via Facebook

"I have been a client of Falmouth Veterinary Hospital for well over 20 years. The wonderful staff have cared for several of our kitties in that time and have always been compassionate, respectful and knowledgeable professionals. I cannot recommend them highly enough."

~ Michele G via Facebook

"Absolutely the best place for veterinary services. All our kitty friends love FVH and their amazing staff of qualified, compassionate people!"

~ Michael N via Facebook

"You folks have presented a wonderful service for all of us that choose to take our animals to the best Veterinary hospital in Maine. Thank you for all that you do."

~ Paul & Barbara S via email

"Hi, everyone! Our most recent trip to see you was a pleasure, as always. We always feel warmly welcomed and embraced by your kindness and interest in our well-being. Rochester and Byron's "manicures" look fantastic and from the bottom of my heart I thank you all for the kindness you have shown all my dogs dating back to Duncan in 1977. (And you were giving my Mom and Dad great care with their pets even before that!). You truly are a veterinary establishment that is second to none."

~ Abby W via email

"Hi there, you folks are the BEST hands down! Going back 3 years to Olivia’s hamster, to our kitty Beyonce, to the passing of my beloved Gloria and now our new addition Oliver! I put my trust in all of you and you have certainly earned it! The kind and caring personalities that you all display is so warming and greatly appreciated. Thank you!"

~ Vicky C via email

"I was trying to get my 4.5 year old Corgi, Josie, to be seen on the same day because she had a hard lump which I had been watching for a year and a half. The lump that I had been watching opened up and was bleeding. I wanted to know the cause and if it was anything serious. I was so grateful that the team quickly got back to (within 20 minutes) to notify me that there had been a cancellation. The staff was upbeat and friendly. Dr. Graves was great with Josie. Additionally, my anxiety in regards to her condition was eased as he described to me that she likely had a sebaceous cyst and not a mass tumor (which is where my mind had gone to). He showed me exactly what he squeezed out of the cyst so I could better understand what was going on. He was patient and his explanations were clear. I really appreciate that he took the time to go over this with me. I understand that Josie's cyst is probably no more than that and appreciate his conservative approach. He also gave me instructions on how to treat the open wound. Thanks for all your help and I will recommend you to anyone in need of a second opinion or a new vet!"

~ Mamie T via email

"Our trip to Falmouth Vet more than exceeded our expectations. Although Dr. Lyons was in surgery that day, she agreed to fit Annie in between checking in her surgical patients and actually beginning her work. And, in spite of our last minute request, we were not shorted on attention or care from all of the staff at your office. We were also given a choice as to what kind and extent of possible treatments, allowing what would work out the best for us and, more importantly, Annie."

~ Linda A via email

"I brought Hope in for a vaccination visit, I didn't think to call ahead and let you know that I wanted someone to look into Hope's ear as I thought she had an infection. The staff was kind enough to check if a doctor was available for us. Dr Lyons made some time to see us and treat Hope's ear. We were very appreciative; everyone we saw treated her and us with care and kindness. I will always recommend the Falmouth Vet"

~ Cathy C via email


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Read What Our Clients Say

  • "My two cats consistently get the BEST care from the vets at Falmouth Veterinary Hospital, starting with the lovely people at check-in to the kind and caring folks upon leaving. The vets and assistants genuinely care about the health and well-being of our two kitties, and as a pet mom, I always feel reassured and happy with their care."
    Kristen B.
  • "I have been a client there for over 30 years. Care is always excellent. Would not want to ever have to go elsewhere. They are great and so loving when treating my dogs."
    Marcia M.
  • "Dr Graves goes above and beyond with our senior dog. He is caring and thoughtful and respectful. He understands that our dog is a part of our family and treats him as such. The other vets we have met have been just as great and all of the staff are friendly and helpful. We could go to closer practices, but we won’t because this crew is worth the drive."
    Emily G.